How I Cured My Daughter's Verruca!

I was rather concerned when I first noticed that my 2 year old daughter’s heel looked as though it had a lump on it. The skin on the top was rough and when I pressed it she said it hurt. However it didn’t hurt when she stood on it as it was on the very edge of her foot. I had had a verruca when I was young and remembered it as being a flat spot with black dots on it. This didn’t look like this at all. So I did some research and wondered if it was a corn. However, this part of her heel didn’t rub on anything, hence there would be no reason for her to have a corn there. So I concluded it was a verruca. It stayed the same for a long time but then started to get bigger….

My own verruca lasted a fair few years but didn’t cause me too much pain. I recall eventually picking it out myself with tweezers – very painful! This was not an option for my little girl though, obviously, so I thought there must be some kind of cream available. Or perhaps the doctor would help? When I did my research I found that there was a vast array of preparations available as well as numerous old wives’ tale-type of treatments. The one thing they all had in common was this:  far from not being guaranteed to work, they were unlikely to work at all, according to the many accounts I had read.

My daughter was not bothered by it unless her socks and shoes were being put on or taken off. We had to stretch them over it very carefully! When I spoke to her about maybe putting some cream on or, God forbid, going to see the doctor, she flatly refused and became very upset. Ruby had only visited the doctor once in her life when she was a little baby, which is why she didn’t want to go. She associates doctors with Doctor Brown Bear from Peppa Pig – always gives children yucky medicine! And therefore my daughter has never taken any medicine, or calpol, or been to the doctors! Very lucky I know, and I was determined to beat this verruca without having to resort to going to see the doctor, or by forcing her to have nasty, and potentially painful, creams or sprays on her foot!

This was around the same time as I had started to learn about the incredible healing powers of coconut oil. I bought some to use myself, not even thinking about the verruca. Apparently it has anti-viral properties. This is when I thought it couldn’t do any harm to try in on the verruca – as that is caused by a virus! But she wouldn’t let me anywhere near it, so I had to sneak into her bedroom every night and dab a bit onto the verruca whilst she was asleep. Being a very light sleeper, this wasn’t always easy and I did wake her a few times!

But I kept at it and after just a couple of weeks I noticed that the verruca was starting to change. It was turning black. First it had the little black spots which I was familiar with. They seemed buried inside the verruca. When Ruby saw it she was surprised and I said that maybe it was starting to go! This made her quite excited! I told her to talk to her verruca and tell it to go away and that she didn’t need it anymore! I was convinced it was the coconut oil but as it was just a smear on the surface once a day I was sure it could be made more effective. By this time she had turned four and had probably had the verruca for a couple of years. Time to start another strategy to persuade her!

So I bought some pink princess plasters and eventually managed to convince her to have one on her verruca. I liberally smeared some coconut oil on the pad and we finally attached it to her foot! The first one stayed on for a couple of days before she took it off. The result was amazing – it had become blacker than ever! So I was able to reapply the plaster once again, which stayed on for another few days. After this the verruca started to form a margin around the edge, as though it was starting to separate from the surrounding skin.  At this point my daughter was adamant she wasn’t going to have the plasters again. I thought I would leave it a week and try again after that. But I didn’t need to!

A few days later, after quite a long soak in the bath, we noticed that it looked like it was lifting off the surface of her foot! I tried to get her to touch it to see if would come off – but she was having none of it! So that was that – I forgot all about it until just before she got into bed and I asked her if I could see it. I looked, and for just a second I thought I was looking at the wrong foot…. but I wasn’t.  It was gone! It had left a clean crater on the surface! Understandably I was so pleased, as was she! Horray! She was so happy.

The last thing was for me to find the verruca. How bizarre – to be scanning the floors of your house for a verruca! Fortunately I didn’t have to look far – it was on the rug on the landing. A small, hard ball, about 4mm diameter, with tiny black bristles!

So, the coconut did its job and in only a few weeks. No nasty chemicals, no pain. Just brilliant! Bye bye verruca! Why don’t you give it a go?

Amazon sells great value organic virgin coconut oil (the type I used).


  1. Wow this is awesome! I had several as a kid, and yep, had to pull them out myself with tweezers! Extremely painful! Took months to do as I did little bits each night. Just noticed quite a large one on my two year olds toe pad, will be buying some coconut oil tomorrow morning! Thanks so much for this!!

  2. Sounds like you're letting your daughter rule over you. You should be boss as you're mum. How can you let a 2 yr old decide whether or not she should go to the doctors?? You're her mum and mums know best, let alone the fact that whens shes older and actually might have something wrong with her she'll still be scared of going to a doctor. Good luck when she's a Teenager!

    1. tbh doctors can't do much about verrucas and what they can do is usually very painful. the go-to treatment when I was younger was cryotherapy, which involves blasting the verruca with nitrous oxide, which is extremely cold and can cause freezer burns, especially on delicate skin
      I have had verrucas my whole life and used to have cryotherapy, it didn't do anything and just made it even more difficult and painful to walk. I've been using coconut oil on my worst one (which I've had for as long as I can remember and cryotherapy couldn't remove) for several months and it's gotten a lot better, but hasn't quite gone completely yet

  3. the thing is the mum has dealt on it on her own and resolved the issue, what would the doctor of done. don't question other peoples parenting when really you should be focusing on your own.